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If you read the blog last week, you'll be aware that on Saturday the oven decided it wanted to change career paths and become a jumbo jet!
After trying the classic 'turn it off and back on again' failed to fix the issue, we had to call in the professionals. Unfortunately the bearings had gone, and were going to cost a small fortune to replace. The sad decision was made to part with our trusty friend of six years in exchange for a newer model. As always, the transition wasn't entirely smooth; the first oven that was delivered was too big, and the couriers somehow lost the second one. Late in the day on Tuesday it resurfaced and we were back in business. Fingers crossed, there's nothing in the store left to break.

This week in exciting arrivals:
We now have the Wilton Tri-Colour couplers! I love piping multiple colours at once (think unicorn cakes and cupcakes), and using these couplers makes life simple, ensures you get even amounts of all the colours and they don't bleed into one another as you work your way further down the piping bag! Just in case you were wondering, I've been playing with the Sweet Sticks palette I mentioned last week and I'm still in love.
Guess who's back? Back again? Scrapers are back, tell a friend.
Our full range of metal scrapers are back in stock! Available in four different heights, there is a metal scraper for everyone. I swear by scrapers for getting smooth edges on my buttercream cakes. Word of caution though, be careful wiping down the tip of the blade, or you might slice your hand open like I did.
Ever wondered what the Cupcake Sweeties team gets up to outside of work hours?
Turns out, we don't see enough of each other during the week, so we spend our weekends together too sometimes. Tamiya and her family came and hung out with me last weekend, so her kids could have the full farm experience. Turns out, her kids and husband fit right in on the farm, Tamiya on the other hand, might just need to stick to her day job (she was not impressed about getting splattered in cow poo, hehe)! Look how hard she is concentrating on the water balloons we were shooting.
The unicorn cake trend still seems to be going strong, and if this picture is anything to go by, clearly unicorn cakes are for all ages. My Papa got my demo cake from the unicorn cake class as his birthday cake, possibly not the most masculine cake he has ever had, but it tasted delicious.

Have a wonderful week.
L xx

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