How to Destroy a Store in Four Easy Steps

Weekly Update

Step 1. Cause a blizzard in a very small kitchen

Step 2. Overwork the laptop

Step 3. Kill the printer

Step 4. Make an almighty mess

They say that while the cat is away the mice will play, but this week there was no time to play, the mice were too busy trying to fix things.

As you read this blog, you're all learning about my misfortunes ahead of our amazing boss, who has no idea of the chaos that occurred this week while she was relaxing on holiday.

All my friends and family know I have the hand - eye co-ordination of a ham. If you throw something at me, I won't be able to catch it, and if I throw something to you, well, just look out. So it didn't come as much of a surprise to Tamiya when she heard a crash in the kitchen, as I somehow knocked a sifter full of flour all over the ground. As you can imagine, it went absolutely everywhere!

My new arch-nemesis, the flour sifter!

Having recovered from the flour saga, all was going well, till it wasn't... The laptop and I have never really been friends, it is a Windows computer and I'm more of a Mac girl, but nonetheless we were co-operating. Then, right as we were trying to work through forty pages of edible images it decided that enough was enough and it wanted a holiday too. When the classic method of fixing things (turning them on and off again) yielded no results we gave up and declared it dead.

If the computer dying, hadn't upset things, then what happened next, definitely did. The edible image printer, which has worked without fault for months, suddenly decided it didn't like yellow anymore, and refused to print with it. No amount of cleaning seemed to help. Fortunately the printer issue was resolved by stealing the identical printer from Christina's house and changing out the inks.

Last, but not least, I tried to resurrect the old printer by emptying out the ink, flushing the lines and starting again. The result of that was as expected, the printer still didn't go, but I looked like I had murdered a clown! Who knew ink could go so far and stain so bad?

No, that's not the light, my hands really are bright pink (and blue, black and yellow!

Anyhow, now that there's nothing left to break, this week should be fantastic. We start another Licence to Ice series on Wednesday, plus we have our first Drip Cake class. And just to finish all of this on a cuter note, meet Coco Chanel, Christina's adorable kitten who I'm babysitting currently!

The adorable Coco. Favourite pastimes include: cuddles, chasing feet and trying to steal human food.


Have a great week everyone.

L xx



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