June Demo - Number Cake

May is almost over meaning it is nearly time for another free demonstration evening. This month we're attacking one of my favourite cake trends from this year, the number cake. In fact, I like this style so much I made it for my own birthday.

The number cake is the perfect blend of neat and tidy with a splattering of sweet treats and floral decorations. In this demo we will show you how to ice your number cake for the trademark blob look, how to make roses and other edible decorations for the top and then how to put your masterpiece together.

Techniques covered:

  • Getting the perfect 'blob' effect
  • Using the Easiest Rose Cutter
  • Using Edible Images and backing them onto Gum Paste
  • Using lustre dusts
  • Using fresh flowers
  • Cake Assembly 

Hope to see you all on June 7th at 6pm.

x L

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