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Weekly Update

This week at Cupcake Sweeties,we managed to escape relatively unscathed. I say relatively because on Saturday the oven decided it wanted to imitate a jumbo jet, but other than that life in our kitchen, went smoothly this week. 

We drew the winner of Katy's big birthday giveaway; meet the gorgeous Laura Mills, who managed to find 48 of the Katys hidden around our website. Thanks to everyone that entered our giveaway. Christina was a little concerned that nobody would enter, but you all proved her wrong. 

Laura and her prize bundle (valued at over $100)

We also had a few exciting arrivals in store this week, starting with our Uber Eats launch! You can now order our cupcakes from the comfort of your couch (or bed, we don't judge). Delivery is currently available in the Hutt only.

The Sweet Sticks Palettes have also arrived and I am absolutely in love! The others don't seem to share my level of enthusiasm, but what do they know?! This bad boy comes with ten metallic shades and is water activated. I'm sure that I'll find a way to incorporate this in an upcoming demo, so keep an eye out.

I'm in love! (Plus it comes with the brush)

We also held our first unicorn cake class this week. I had six lovely ladies in the class who worked with me to create adorable unicorn cakes. Unfortunately they weren't too keen on me photographing them, so I have no group shot for you this week.

A completed unicorn from the class

Hope you guys all had a fabulous weekend, Tamiya and I are hanging out at my parents farm today, so her kidlets can meet all the calves and experience the farm life I grew up with.

Look at this cutie!

Have a wonderful week.
L xx

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