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I am so excited to announce we are now stocking the amazing and delicious Creative Cooking Macarons!
After a million and one attempts in our own kitchen, we've decided to stick to our cakes and cupcakes for a while (mainly for the sake of my sanity). Locally produced, these macarons are made using the freshest and best ingredients available. Created from ground almonds they are filled with naturally flavoured butter cream or rich chocolate ganache. Available in store everyday or online orders for delivery nationwide.
We currently have the following flavours available:
Limoncello - Hand made limoncello liqueur and white chocolate ganache.
Passionfruit - Tropical passionfruit buttercream.
Raspberry - Summer fresh raspberry buttercream.

PistachioRoasted (to bring out the full flavour) pistachio paste and white chocolate ganache.

Salted caramelGolden caramel and sea salt ganache.

Blueberry - Tangy sweet blueberry purée in a buttercream filling.
Personally, my favourite is the Salted Caramel (but then I'm one of those people who could eat salted caramel at every meal), but they're all delicious and only $3.50 each. Pop in and try one today!


Click the link below to order yours now:




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