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For those who have taken my classes, you'll probably know my caking background, but for those who don't, prior to coming to Cupcake Sweeties I worked in one of the country's busiest supermarket bakeries. Working in a large bakery, we had to produce a lot of cakes in not a lot of time (think half an hour per cake). So during my time there I came across a few products that made life much quicker and easier, which I'm going to share with you today.

Firstly, investing in good quality tools can be expensive, but thy make life so much easier. A good quality scraper or palette knife will make getting smooth edges ten times faster! Cheap products can often flex and make it difficult for you to get those straight sides you're after.

Secondly, using the right chocolate makes a big difference. When using ganache, you're more likely to choose the brand based on the taste, but when using the chocolate melted to make shapes or cages you'll find using compound chocolate makes life simpler. Chocolate in the baking aisle and chocolate in the candy section vary quite significantly. Chocolate designed for cooking is meant to be melted easily and will set hard as it cools. Other chocolates need to be tempered in order to set firm again. I personally don't have the time (or the patience) to temper every batch of chocolate I use on a cake, so I find Chockex to be really useful. It's a compound chocolate that you can melt in the microwave, use, let the rest cool and it's fine to reuse time and time again. I find it makes chocolate cages and chocolate triangles a breeze.

Lastly (for today anyway), buttercream isn't everyone's cup of tea and those who have ever had a supermarket cake will notice that it has a slightly different taste. That's because most use Creme Whip, a powder formula that you mix with water to get the perfect frosting texture. Creme Whip is simple to use and unlike traditional buttercream, is super light and fluffy. For those who watch our monthly demos you will have already seen Creme Whip in action last month during the Rose Ombre Cake tutorial. It makes decorating quick as there is no need to crumb coat (shocking, I know) and there is no need to chill in between layers when doing things like the Rose Ombre.

As I love all these products, I've slowly convinced the team to give them a go and they too can tell you how easy they make life. Also, a fun fact for those who have bothered to read my wee spiel; Tamiya has been known to eat the Creme Whip straight, no cake required! If you want to try any of them out, I'll list the prices below.

Chockex supreme and Creme Whip

Chockex Supreme 250g - $6

Creme Whip 500g - $12

Stainless Steel Scraper 6" - $12

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