The Cupcake Sweeties Guide to Breaking Things

Weekly Update

Just in case you, like us, thought we had run out of things to break, you were wrong! This week not only did the website crash, the in store POS system did too, but first, meet our newbie.

Britney is with us on work experience as part of her studies at WelTec. Britney chose to come and hang out with us for a couple of weeks as she really enjoys working with cakes and cupcakes. When she finishes her study, she would love to continue working in the industry, hopefully decorating cakes! She's only with us till Thursday, so make sure to pop in and say hi.

Ready for figurine class

This week was also my last class for the current Licence to Ice series, making unicorn figurines. Now I get to hand them over to Tamiya for the final two classes. This amazing group of ladies, have had me in hysterics for the last couple of weeks with their dirty jokes and inappropriate stories about their children. 

When you can't do anything else, you bake!

Just when we thought there was nothing left that could go wrong, we went back to the dark ages this week when Shopify, our online and in store system, went down! Apologies to anyone who came in while it was down and had to deal with our high tech post-it note system. Unfortunately we just had to sit and twiddle our thumbs till the techs were able to get everything running again. In other small issues this week; I may or may not have ordered four boxes of eggs, instead of four trays! Oops... Bacon and Eggs for breakfast anyone? 

Hope you all had a fabulous week!


L xx



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