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Well, we didn't manage to destroy the store this week, so we did better than last week. That's not to say it was a perfect week, but overall things went fairly smoothly.

It was a very quiet start to the week, so we had a few cupcakes to rehome at the end of the day on Tuesday. Rather than take them home and risk eating them all myself and dying of a heart attack, we donated them to the amazing team at Hutt Hospital. We know how hard their emergency department works, especially after the strike, so we thought they could do with a little love. In a store like ours, it's impossible to predict how many cupcakes we'll sell in a day, so we try to donate left overs where possible.

I actually managed to get a carpark at the hospital for a change, so it was a win-win for everyone

Licence to Ice started up again this week, with a new bunch of brilliant students, who's names I am trying very hard to remember (but I'll probably forget at least half by next week). We started off with our classic cupcake class, the perfect warm up before we move into buttercream cakes next week.

Look at those concentration faces

We held our first drip cake class this week, and it was brilliant. I had the most lovely group of ladies attend and we all had a great time. Hopefully everyone went away with some new skills, and even if they didn't they all went home with an adorable cake! Check out their amazing work below.

Karen and Tina hard at work
Jo admiring her handiwork
My fabulous ladies and their masterpieces!
Tamiya and I also had the opportunity to attend the birthday of one of our amazing customers, Alana (Poor Katy was stuck at home with a bunch of 12 year olds for her daughters birthday). We had an absolutely fantastic evening, even though we ate far too much food and had to bail early for work the next day. 
Tamiya and I with the birthday girl
On a slightly less positive note, the printer and I got into another fight when it decided that it was over the colour red and refused to print with it. When cleaning didn't work, I resorted to my favourite (not) method of emptying all the inks and replacing them. Somehow that fixed the problem, but it also means I look like I tried to murder a clown again. I'm not sure how edible ink can get everywhere, but it does! I found it on my legs when I went to have a shower after work. The printer and I have mended our relationship now and it is back to doing it's job, so hopefully that's the end of it having temper tantrums for the foreseeable future.
I can confirm, working in a cupcake shop is very glamorous and not at all dirty...
I hope you all had a fantastic week. The boss is back on deck from Monday, so no doubt all the technology will run perfectly now she's home. 
L xx

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