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Silicone Pastry Mat (40cm x 60cm)

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Original price $70.00
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 Fondant mat

Made of durable and long lasting silicone

Creates the perfect work surface for rolling out fondant, crusts and moldings

Mat measures 60 x 40cm

Definitely a must have for any cake decorator! It's easy to work with, it sticks to your work surface, so no slippage. You don't need to use powdered sugar/icing sugar or cornstarch with it, so the piece of fondant stays nice and soft, and does not harden quickly as when you are using the icing sugar.  It's very easy to clean and you it can be easily cut to a smaller size. As a bonus, it contains all the mess you make when decorate cakes in one place and you just wipe it up in 5 minutes afterwards.