Carolace Edible Lace - White - 250gm

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"Carolace" Edible Lace

1. Place 50ml of water in a small mixing bowl.
2. Add 4 tablespoons (42gms) of powder mixture and mix thoroughly.
3. Add 2 ½ ml of catalyst with the syringe provided.
4. Mix on top speed for 6-8 minutes until smooth.
5. Place the Carolace mixture on the silicone mat and spread with a plastic knife or spatula using a paddling motion, and remove any excess.
6. Carolace can be air dried for 4-6 hours or placed in a pre-heated oven at 70C-80C for up to 20 minutes. Allow mat to dry completely dry before attempting to remove from the mat.
7. When the Carolace is ready to be removed from the mat, place the mat on a clean tea towel face down. Fold the mat back to remove the Carolace between finger and thumb. Most delicate patterns can be released in this manner.
8. To adhere to a RTR iced cake, brush a little water onto the covered cake, place the Carolace into position, and press gently.
9. Carolace can be successfully microwaved on defrost setting with careful monitoring. Carolace usually dries within 60 seconds. More time will often discolour the Carolace. The Carolace must be completely cooled before removing from the mat.
10. Carolace can be successfully coloured with Gel Paste.