Sweet Whimsy - Butterflies

Sweet Whimsy - Butterflies

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Sweet Whimsy edible images are printed with food colouring inks onto edible potato wafer paper. They are all completely edible. The images transform ordinary cakes, biscuits and cupcakes into works of art reminiscent of the era of high teas. The images are a combination of created and nostalgic images from the 1900s to 1960s.

The Images are all very easy to use. Cut them out with a small pair of scissors and they are ready to go. Attach them to cakes, biscuits and cupcakes with piping gel or icing.

All the different images are packed with an individual full instruction sheet in a sealed clear cellophane bag.

The Edible images are sent in a rigid A4 card envelope to keep them flat during delivery.

The shelf life of the images is approximately one year. The best before date is stamped onto the information sheet. However if kept away from heat and moisture and stored in a dry place they will keep for a lot longer.


The page is slightly smaller than A4 size 20.5cm x 28.5cm and contains 40 different sized butterflies in all the colours of the rainbow.

The butterflies are very easy to use. Cut them out with a little sharp pair of scissors and they are ready to go. They can be used flat or gently folded in half to give them a realistic 3D look. Then simply attach them to cakes, biscuits or cupcakes with a small dab of icing.

Full instructions are enclosed on the back of the pack.

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