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FMM Alphabet Set - Art Deco - Lower Case


Create elegant Art Deco style lower case letters and numbers with this set of easy to use tappits. 

This set can also be used with the FMM Art Deco style upper case letters. 

Height 15mm (approximately)

Tappits Tutorial

Using Tappits:

  • Make sure you are using gumpaste (not fondant!). This is probably the most important tip!
  • Roll very thinly ideally on a non stick mat if you have one (alternatively use a small amount of cornflour on your work-surface). 
  • If you are using a pasta machine, roll to no. 5
  • Leave gumpaste to dry for a few minutes before pressing Tappit in
  • Press Tappit into gumpaste, and move it around - making sure the gumpaste is not stuck to the work surface. 
  • Tap the Tappit on your workspace and the letter or number will release. 
  • Letters and numbers can be made in advance and left to dry until you need them.