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Macarons - Individual


Our gorgeous macarons are handmade from scratch using top quality ingredients by That Little Cake Shop. 

We always have mixed boxes available, but there may be a wait of up to a week for individual colours / flavours - so please check our availability before ordering. Either call us on 04 577 2962 or email

Macarons are made for us every Tuesday, and delivered every Wednesday to us. 

Macarons can be couriered throughout Wellington $15 delivery. Minimum order for delivey is 6 macarons.

Flavours available:

  • WHITE CHOC - Vanilla buttercream with white Lindt chocolate centre 
  • DARK BROWN - Belgium chocolate buttercream with dark Lindt chocolate centre 
  • PINK - White chocolate buttercream infused with freeze dried raspberries with a raspberry centre 
  • YELLOW - Vanilla buttercream with a lemon curd centre 
  • LILAC - passionfruit infused buttercream with a passionfruit pulp centre 
  • DARK PINK - Jelly Tip - chocolate buttercream with a Jellytip centre
  • GREEN - vanilla buttercream with a zingy lime marmalade centre 
  • LIGHT BROWN - caramel buttercream with a gooey caramel centre 
  • BLUE - White chocolate buttercream with Whittaker’s coconut chocolate centre 
  • AQUA - bubblegum flavoured buttercream, chocolate M&M centre & covered in sprinkles *Contains gluten 

All Macaron shells contain: 

Ingredients: egg white, almond, icing sugar, sugar

All gluten free EXCEPT *bubblegum & M&M flavour 

    For custom colour orders, minimum order of 12 macarons and 1 weeks notice required.