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Plunger Cutters - Holly Leaf (set of 3)

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These cutters are ideal for use with a range of edible and Non-edible materials including: Sugar Paste (Rolled Fondant), Gum Paste, Marzipan or Craft Clays.

Create simple to produce designs with sharp edges every time.


  • Roll out the paste on a non-stick surface or using cornflour/icing sugar for dusting.
  • Cut out your chosen design without pressing the plunger.
  • Using the plunger, press the design onto a flat surface to produce the embossing.
  • Press the plunger once more to eject the design.

Approx. Size: Largest - 3.5cm x 2cm, Medium - 2.8cm x 1.6cm, Smallest - 1.6cm x 1cm.