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Wilton Cupcake Decorating Set (12 pieces)

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You can do so much with this assortment of cake decorating tips:

  • The 1M open star tip beautifully ices an entire cupcake with a stunning swirl and also lets you make rosettes, stars and drop flowers.
  • The 2A round tip pipes large smooth coils of icing, perfect to top your cupcake, or jumbo pulled dots or beads.
  • Use the 4B open star tip creates more of a starburst design, great for detailed pulled stars.
  • The 2D drop flower tip lets you make beautiful drop flowers with just a turn of your wrist and also makes a great swirl to top a cupcake.

Plus, with eight disposable decorating bags, you can have a rainbow of icings or assortment of fillings at your fingertips.

Set includes instruction booklet to make it easy for you to make amazing treats.