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  • from $2.00

    White Round Masonite Board

    White round quality masonite board. The board is covered with a food safe white.  

    from $2.00
  • Bakels Pettinice - White - 750 gm

    Bakels Pettinice - White - 750 gm

    A favourite of many cake decorators, Pettinice is easy to use, good value for money and tastes great.  It comes in a 750gm foil sealed pack. There’...

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  • Satin Ice - White/Vanilla - 1kg

    Satin Ice - White/Vanilla - 1kg

    Satin Ice Rolled Fondant 1kg Preferred for its overall ease of use and delicious creamy taste Used to decorate wedding and novelty cakes, cupcakes...

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  • $10.00

    Cake Craft Titanium Dioxide (Whitener) - 100gm

    Titanium Dioxide (E171) is a water soluble mineral based food colouring used to achieve a brilliant brighter white in fondant, royal icing, white c...

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  • $11.00

    Colour Mill Oil Based Colour - Booster - 20ml

    What's the secret? Unlike conventional gel colours, our unique blend loves the fats and oils in your baking. We dye and disperse our colouring usi...

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