Unicorn Cupcake Tutorial!

Cupcake Tutorial Unicorn

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Glow in the Dark Splatter Cakes

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Have you seen or attempted a Glow in the Dark Splatter Cake? With our new products in store - Rolkem Lumo Gels - not only are they an amazing vibrant colour - they also glow in the dark!Click here to see the range Due to the addition of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), the colours will glow under ultraviolet light! Add them to buttercream, fondant, gumpaste or paint with them to create spectacular glowing edible products! These colours will not fade even under direct sunlight, require no shaking prior to use, they have no aftertaste, and do not contain any sugar or glycerine. Have...

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Covering a cake with non pareils (100's and 1000's)


Here is a great 20 second tutorial on covering a cake with 100's and 1000's.... enjoy!. Check out our range of 100's and 1000's (non pareils).

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MKR Fans - This ones for you!! Chocolate Spheres!

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Check out what we have in stock now!   The Hemishphere Silicone Mould - 15 Cup is perfect to recreate the Golden Ball that Michelle made below!

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How much Satin Ice do I need?


Satin Ice has some great resources on their site! Check out 'How Much Fondant do I need' when covering a cake.

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