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Check out our new 'Cake in a Box'
How to achieve BLACK BUTTERCREAM! - Cupcake Sweeties



We often get asked about how to achieve a good and true black buttercream so thought we would include a few tips here for you all to refer back to.

- Firstly, MAKE YOUR BUTTERCREAM IN ADVANCE! This is key! We're talking 3-5 days out! Don't worry, it won't go off. The colour will deepen and develop as it sits. Make it as usual, then put it in an air tight container in the fridge and forget about it. Get it out on the bench the evening before you need it to soften overnight, then give it a good mix before using. This is the same for RED, plus any other vibrant colour you want eg. bright spiderman blue!

- Use BLACK COCOA! This will immediately give you a deep charcoal base to work with, meaning you won't have to add as much colouring.

- Use a good quality black gel, we love Colour Mill and find that you don't need to add as much gel as other brands. 

- Once your buttercream is completed as usual, blitz with a stick blender. This is weird but it works! The heat helps to develop and intensify the colour. Same goes for any colour!

- Lastly, you can take a small amount out and put into a microwave safe bowl. Melt for 20s or so, give it a good mix and then add back into the main bowl. Repeat as needed. The heat does the same as using the stick blender and intensifies the colour. Your buttercream can get a little sloppy using this method, so if you're doing this it's best to do it the day before. That way once you've achieved your colour it can go back into the fridge to firm up. When you need to use it, soften and mix again to get it nice and smooth and workable. 

Black cocoa :

Black gel :

Colour Mill range :

Colour Mill Oil Based Colour - Black - 20ml - Cupcake SweetiesBlack Cocoa Powder - Callebaut 500g - Cupcake Sweeties

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