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Check out our new 'Cake in a Box'
Check out our new 'Cake in a Box'
Celebration slab cakes! - Cupcake Sweeties

Celebration slab cakes!

We are very excited to introduce our new product! Please welcome the newest addition to the Sweeties family...... a decadent chocolate slab cake!
Perfect for when you need a quick and easy (plus fresh and tasty!) celebration cake to feed a small group! We only need 24h notice! Vastly customisable! 
If these are popular, we will look at introducing different base flavours eg. vanilla, red velvet! 
🩷Approx 15x21cm, serves up to 12! See cutting guide below.
🩷The equivalent to the batter of 18 cupcakes!
🩷Piped buttercream in your choice of colours/flavours. Eg. Caramello, biscoff, tiramisu, strawberry white choc, black doris plum, caramilk, pineapple lump, choc mint etc.
🩷Matching sprinkles, glitter and comes with a standard choc happy birthday plaque, or a standard card topper. (Thank you, congrats etc)
🩷Custom card topper option, just add to cart! Eg. "Happy Birthday Sarah", "Congrats James", "Baby Boy"  (Extra $)
🩷Add any extra decos/candles/macarons from the website to your cart if you want them used on your cake.
🩷Personalise with a themed option, like our cupcake range, using fondant and wafer toppers. Lot's available! Pokemon, dinos, unicorn, mermaid, sport, minecraft, baby, graduation, flowers, frozen etc.
🩷Pick up or courier Wellington wide!
🩷24h notice!
Note: If you don't want a topper, you can select "no topper" when you order and we can add a few more sprinkles on the top in the middle. No extra piping will be added. This is a great option if you want to add some hot wheels cars to the top or similar to personalise! 
Cake in a Box - Flavour theme - Cupcake Sweeties
Flavour theme: Choc overload with a standard chocolate happy birthday plaque
Flavour theme: Cookies and cream!
FLAVOUR THEME: Choc overload with a custom topper
THEMED: Butterflies (edible wafer toppers) Note: topper will be slightly smaller to fit better.
COLOUR THEME: Shades of pink (coloured vanilla buttercream)
CUTTING GUIDE: Serves 2-12! Depending how big you cut your slices. 12 would be the maximum serves for smaller pieces
Colour theme: To match the company logo for the birthday of a longstanding employee!
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