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Check out our new 'Cake in a Box'
Easy drip cake! - Cupcake Sweeties

Easy drip cake!

Hey sweeties! Today we are going to show you how easy it is to use the Bakels truffle to make a drip cake! This style has been around for a long time and are still really popular.

Even though making a ganache to drip is pretty straight forward, sometimes we just want a super quick and easy option ready to go! This method is great for beginners, or just to have a bottle of the choc or white in the pantry for easy use at the drop of a hat.

To start, make sure your cake is super chilled! This is vital because as your warm chocolate runs down the side of the cake, the coldness will set the chocolate and stop it from running all the way down to the board and pooling there.

Soften your truffle with the lid off in the microwave in 30 second bursts. Shake in between each warming and you will be able to feel when it is nice and runny inside. This will take 3 or 4 goes roughly! Don't drip straight onto the cake when it's too warm, let it cool off slightly before starting!

You can drip the truffle straight out of the bottle, but it is a little awkward/bulky. A good idea is to transfer some into a piping bag and cut the end off as small or big as you like. You can always do 1 test drip on the cake to see how far down it will run, to test consistency and how cold your cake is/warm your truffle is. Drip your truffle by squeezing as little or as much as you like to get a shorter or longer drip.

In this cake, I was doing a dripping ice cream so only did drip in one section. For doing an entire drip cake, I would drip all around the edge and complete all my drips, then squeeze some out into the middle and use an offset spatula to spread carefully to the edges to cover the top and join up to where my drips started. If you're adding sprinkles make sure you do it straight away before the truffle sets, then pop the cake back into the fridge so the drips can set fully before starting on your piping or other designs for the top of the cake.

Get creative with the truffle! You can use it for filling cupcakes, putting between cake layers with the dam technique, dipping strawberries, drizzling on top of cupcakes, making half dipped shortbread, the opportunities are endless!

Bakels also make a white truffle which you can colour using the Colour Mill, oil based gel colourings. Find them at the links below!*+truffle**+mill*


Check out how easy it is to achieve this look at the tutorial below!

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