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Free nationwide delivery on decorating supplies over $120. Enter code FD at checkout.
Smooth Buttercream! The final coat. - Cupcake Sweeties

Smooth Buttercream! The final coat.

Today we're going over how to cover our cake with its final coat, in a "layered buttercream" style, using offset spatulas and a stainless steel cake scraper!

Using the large offset spatula apply your buttercream starting from the top and go down as far as you like. (If the cake is one colour, just cover the the top and the whole sides and the rest of the technique is the same!) Make it a little thicker than you think you'd need, because you will take a bit off as you go around smoothing.

Take the excess off the top edge with the offset spatula, starting on the outside and pulling the blade across towards you. Make the sides as even as you can using the offset spatula before you start smoothing with the scraper, that way you will have less air bubbles to fill later.

The key to smooth sides is a super hot scraper! Run your scraper under the hot tap for 10 seconds or so, tap the excess off on a tea towel and you're ready to go. (If you have an acrylic scraper you can also heat this the same way.) Hold your scraper at a 45 degree angle to the cake, apply gentle pressure (you shouldn't be pushing it in or around), keep the scraper still and slowly turn the turntable. Let the heat do the work! Go around a couple of times, then fill in any air bubbles or low spots with the small offset spatula.

Keep going around until you're happy with the sides, then using a hot large offset spatula, smooth off the top edge and the top of the cake. Chill your cake for 30-60mins before you start on the next colour!

Products used:

- cake craft turntable

- cake craft ganache super scraper

- sugar crafty 4" offset spatula

- sugar crafty 8" offset spatula

- white masonite cake board


Check out the how to video at the link below!

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