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Free delivery nationwide on decorating supplies when spending over $120. Enter code 'FD' at checkout
Free delivery nationwide on decorating supplies when spending over $120. Enter code 'FD' at checkout

Fresh-As Powder - Plum Powder - 40gm

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We stock a range of Fresh As Freeze Dried Fruits and Powders. These gorgeous products can give your baking a hit of fresh, natural fruit flavour without any artificial colours or flavours, just pure fruit.

 Fresh As source the highest quality, ripe, and sweet fruit, then freeze it before putting it into a vacuum so the ice instantly turns into vapour. What’s left behind is intensely flavoured fruits and powders.

 There are more ways than you could possibly dream of to use freeze dried fruit in your baking. Here a just a few of our favourites:

 Buttercream and whipped cream: Mixing a little freeze dried fruit powder into your buttercream frosting or whipped cream will add both colour and flavour, without having to add liquid colour or flavour.

For coating truffles and cake pops: A simple roll into some freeze dried fruit powder adds an instant pop of colour and a delicious, intense fruit flavour to chocolate truffles and cake pops.

Meringues: Fresh As has a brilliant recipe for freeze dried fruit meringues. A few spoonfuls into your mixture adds a subtle colour and flavour.

Colourful decoration/garnish: Give the fruit pieces a quick blitz in your food processor to make natural fruit sprinkles and sprinkle onto cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. The larger fruit pieces can look striking as final touch to your cakes. We also love simply sprinkling the fruit onto ice cream or yoghurt.

Mix into baked goods: Freeze dried fruit works great mixed into baked goods and anywhere you might normally use fresh or traditionally dried fruit. They don’t add any extra moisture to your mix and turn wonderfully chewy after baking. Stir them into your favourite cupcake, cookie, or scone recipe and try the results for yourself!

Chocolate Bark: By sprinkling a little freeze dried fruit onto some freshly tempered chocolate, you can instantly create some striking chocolate bark, perfect for cake decorations or on its own as an edible gift.

Isomalt Lollipops: You may have seen Monica Cavallaro using this technique at the recent ACADA Cake Show. You can easily make beautiful fruit lollipops by pouring some slightly-cooled isomalt onto some freeze dried fruit. They make beautiful lollipops on their own or as great decorations for your cake.

Granola: Your cereal or granola need some extra flavour? A quick sprinkle of freeze dried fruit will fix that boring breakfast right up!

 Chocolate Dipped: Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. We happen to love dipping freeze dried fruit pieces into some tempered chocolate and serving on our dessert boards, or just demolishing them by themselves.


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