Glitter - Hologram Silver - 35gm


The sparkle range are the brightest colours on the market and bounce light off their surface to great effect! An extensive range of colours – a colour for every occasion.The most common use for the Sparkle Range glitters is to apply them to sugar shapes (eg: sugar hearts) for use on cake top or cupcake decorations. They are also very popular as a decorative trimming on sugar flowers and even adding a dazzling sparkle to a cakeboard.

The sparkle range are labelled as ‘non-toxic’, suitable for decoration only, however, all ingredients and colours used are approved for use on foods. If used for cake decoration it is recommended that they are used on items that are easily removable from the cake. If eaten ,non toxic items are not absorbed by the body.

Manufactured in the UK complying with the FSA guidelines for “Food-Contact” Glitters.