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Free nationwide delivery on decorating supplies over $120. Enter code FD at checkout.
Bake with us! *Chocolate Cake* - Cupcake Sweeties

Bake with us! *Chocolate Cake*

Hey everyone! Did you know we sell baking mixes, all ready to just add wet ingredients (that you probably already have at home!) to fill your house with that freshly baked scent from the gods in no time at all!

Today we have a how to demo video, on how quick and easy it is to get a delicious, freshly baked CHOCOLATE CAKE for all those last minute emergencies, or let's me honest, just because! 

We make these fresh in store and they only include real, simple ingredients. Self raising flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. 

We have chocolate cake, vanilla cake, chocolate brownie, vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream available to buy in store or we can courier nationwide. The bags are heat sealed, so it's super handy to have a couple stashed away at the back of your pantry for when you need a quick fix! 

Check out the video below to see how to do this at home! This only took us 10 minutes to execute, including all the chatting and sorting out of the camera. You can mix these by hand and do not need a bench or electric mixer, I just had mine ready to go for hands free filming. 

Happy baking! 

Check out the whole range here:

(Note, the audio is sped up to 1.5 speed to condense it down, because I was talking too much....will need to work on that!)   :) 



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