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FMM Alphabet Cutter Set - Funky Lower Case

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Funky Alphabet (lower case) Tappit cutter set
  • full lower case alphabet cutter set on 4 Tappit strips
  • each strip approx 24cm (9½") long
  • letters vary but approx 3cm-4cm high
  • famous FMM quality
  • food approved plastic
  • please note numbers are only included in the upper case set
  • main image shows style of letter produced
  • retail packed with instructions

To use Tappits:

  • Make sure you are using gumpaste (not fondant!). This is probably the most important tip!
  • Roll very thinly ideally on a non stick mat if you have one (alternatively use a small amount of cornflour on your work-surface). 
  • If you are using a pasta machine, roll to no. 5
  • Leave gumpaste to dry for a few minutes before pressing Tappit in
  • Press Tappit into gumpaste, and move it around - making sure the gumpaste is not stuck to the work surface. 
  • Tap the Tappit on your workspace and the letter or number will release. 
  • Letters and numbers can be made in advance and left to dry until you need them.